Bring your idea to life

Small business or large, we can help you turn your concept into reality. Contact Ami Ganguli Consulting to chat about your new business idea, and how to implement it quickly and on a budget.

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Business analysis

An experienced engineer can help you work through your concept and figure out what will be easy to implement and what will be hard. Together we can find the best way to test your concept quickly, and create a development roadmap that makes sense from both the technical and business perspective.

I don't charge for initial consultations, so there's nothing to lose in getting together over a coffee and hashing out your idea.

Software development

Innovative ideas require innovative solutions. A consultant with a broad skillset and decades of experience can create a technical architecture that will meet the needs of your growing business.

Offshore design and development

Every project has components need to be done by an experienced professional who understands your business, and others that are more standard and might be performed better and more cheaply by an offshore development firm. I can help you identify areas where offshore development can save you time and money, and also help you to identify those jobs that you need to keep close to home. I can also arrange and manage the offshore development for you, and will guarantee the results of developers I hire.